Why You Should Choose 1020 Glass Art 



  • In-Stock Availability - We are much more than a drop ship reseller!  We stock countless works of art in our flagship retail location in northwest Austin on any given day.
  • Service - We take pride in our service!  Every chandelier comes with a fully crafted installation guide and our DesignPro Help Desk is available for your glass art chandelier and wall art questions.
  • Quality - Our guidelines ensure you won't receive the thin, painted test tube glass offered by many of our competitors.
  • Value - Our growth and reputation are built on a fair everyday value with no surprise add-on fees. We keep it simple.
  • Our Team - Each 1020 Glass Art Consultant has physically assembled and installed one of our glass art chandeliers and wall art placements so that they may truly understand and support your unique requirements.  Hands-on training makes all the difference!
  • Our Sources - Our great stability and volume have created exceptional relationships with our studios, artists and suppliers.  This allows 1020 Glass Art to provide and follow-through on many custom requests.
  • Stability - Our continued growth and permanent retail location in Northwest Austin ensure that we will always be here when you need us.


We look beyond the initial sale and focus on nurturing relationships with our customers and glass houses.  Through a practical, no-pressure sales approach, we strive to meet our individual client’s immediate needs in order to secure their future loyalty.  Our relationship philosophy, coupled with 1020 Glass Art’s product diversity and value-based pricing model, has proven successful. 

We made our biggest leap forward yet, opening our largest location in Northwest Austin at 8108 Mesa Dr, Suite B-102, Austin TX 78759. Call us at 512-371-8882. Parking has never been easier.

Thanks to our steady online business and repeat customer base, today you can find pieces of 1020 Glass Art all over the country (and a few places around the globe!).  After 10 years of growing our business from the ground up, we remain committed to our goal of providing unexpectedly affordable hand blown glass art for every sensibility and occasion.

1020 Glass Art is an experienced independent retailer offering a large selection of affordable hand blown glass art with free shipping throughout the continental United States.  We specialize in Glass Art Chandeliers, Wall Art Glass, Vases, Sculptures, Plates, Gifts and Figurines for both individuals and interior designers.  We earn our client's trust through reliable service and a fair everyday value.



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