1020 Glass Art Installation - 60 Stem Roma Ruby Chandelier

60 Stem Roma Ruby Pendant Chandelier

“Our chandelier was a present from my husband to me, which I picked out. I looked at many both online and in stores. I chose the Roma Ruby Pendant from 1020. They were helpful to us, answered our questions regarding installation (it was easier than expected), and answered questions after it had arrived. Customer service at its finest!”

“Living outside of Seattle, where glass art and Chihuly reign, friends have come into the house, paused and said, “Is that…” No, it isn’t, but I doubt I could be happier. Our dining room is forever changed.”

Marietta K.


1020 Glass Art Installation - Multicolor Pendant Lighting

60 Stem Multicolor Pendant Chandelier

“Value is measured many ways – Initially and throughout the project, each of the staff members at 1020 Glass Art was professional and always willing to answer questions. Delivery of the chandelier was uncomplicated and their staff followed up to be sure everything worked as promised. The 1020 Glass Art team helped me with planning and determining the glass art chandelier that best met my needs.”

Jim H.



1020 Glass Art Installation - San Diego, CA

60 Stem Multicolor Chandelier with Extended Horns and an LED spotlight from Harbor Freight & Tools

“We absolutely love the chandelier and I would recommend your company for the quality and wonderful service that you gave us … I would recommend this [LED spotlight] be added as an accessory to make the chandelier even more outstanding. Thank you and your company for the total transaction.”

Bruce S.