The DesignPro Advantage Help Desk housed at 1020's Interior Design Center is dedicated to Glass Art and available for free professional assistance to both individuals and interior designers. Staffed with well-trained Art Consultants, each employee is trained with rigorous hands-on experience designing and physically installing our glass art chandeliers and wall art glass arrangements. DesignPro Advantage is here to help you select individual pieces, arrange them in your home, and walk you through installation.

1020's DesignPro Advantage Help Desk has learned first-hand the answers to many of your most common questions.Many of our clients find themselves inspired to create their own glass art expression for a variety of reasons but don't know where to begin. Our experienced staff will work diligently to bring each client's vision into reality. The DesignPro Advantage staff is accessible 7 days a week, in store, by calling 1-877-PRO-1020 (776-1020) or emailing designpro @ the1020.com.


  1. Can I afford it - How much do they cost?  A surprise to many, hand blown glass chandeliers are affordable. Slightly more than your common local hardware store lighting, blown glass art chandeliers will add beauty and a measurable value to one's home and life.
  2. What size and shape is best for my home or business?  Placement ultimately determines both. 1020 Glass Art's Chandelier "Rule of 3" quickly simplifies Size, Position, as well as Color.
  3. How difficult are they to install and maintain, and can I do it myself?  If you can hang a ceiling fan, you can install a chandelier. Aside from supporting weight (customarily 1.5 lbs./stem), the attaching, positioning, and rotating of each stem is actually easy and fun. The chandeliers are easily cleaned using canned air, and the lightbulbs can be replaced simply by reaching through the top!
  4. Can I custom mix and match colors and which are best for me?  Yes, perhaps the most personal and challenging part of the chandelier process is choosing from all of our options; referring to our "Rule of 3" of room size, chandelier position and room color; try to limit yourself to 3 surrounding/desired color elements. Remember we are here to help and can make this easy.
  5. How do the chandeliers ship and how long does it take?  We are very experienced with shipping!  Each chandelier is fully insured witht he stems individually packaged.  We typically provide a few "just in case" extras in the event of breakage. Shipments customarily arrive in as little as 2 weeks.